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IEE Sample Request

"I disagree with the evaluation results because . . ."

"The evaluation should have included . . ."

"Evaluation should have been done in the area of . . ."

COPAA Amicus Committee members Alice Nelson, Andrew Feinstein, Catherine Merino Reisman and Selene Almazan assisted in the review of drafts. February 24, 2012

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Dear (name):

My son/daughter, (child's name) is in the ( _ ) grade, at (name of school), in (teacher's name) class. He/She was evaluated for special education services in (month/year). I am writing to request an Independent Educational Evaluation at public expense, for the following reasons:

(BRIEFLY list your reason(s). Be very specific. For example,

Requesting an Independent Educational Evaluation at Public Expense

I would like this Independent Educational Evaluation to be done as quickly as possible so that we can fully address (child's name) needs. Please respond as soon as possible and send me copies of the school's guidelines for this. My daytime telephone number is (give your phone number). Thank you.

The IEE provides an essential balance in the parent-school relationship to ensure FAPE by permitting input from independent professionals. COPAA members understand that publicly-funded IEEs have brought to bear necessary expertise and researched-based scientific practices for children and generally enhanced parent-school collaboration. COPAA also has insight into other issues this appeal raises including "collaborative federalism" of the IDEA, the doctrine that has led all of the states in the Eleventh Circuit to adopt longstanding regulations permitting publicly-funded IEEs.

cc: your child's principal
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Always keep a copy of your letter for your own files.

This is a sample letter excerpted from NICHCY's (National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities) 
Parent Guide: Communicating with Your Child's School through Letter Writing

Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates (COPAA) Opinion

JEFFERSON Board of Education v. Phillip and Angie C.

On February 21, 2012 COPAA filed an Amicus brief in this case regarding IEE's in support of the parents, Appellees, represented by Deb Mattison, COPAA member.

As Amicus, COPAA's interest is to offer this Court its experience on the IEE issue including the use of publicly-funded IEEs in the provision of FAPE, aiding in the protection of the rights of children with disabilities.

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